Welcome to the Buggees Bunch series.

It all started when Yogi and his pretty wife Sheen were captivated by the idea that bubbled up in the mind of their fun-loving friend Ming. Next thing they knew they were standing on a tiny hot air balloon, rising higher and higher into the sky.

The members of the Buggees Bunch themselves don't know where their next adventure will take them. What is certain is that this series about three intrepid ladybugs that set out to explore the world together provides a unique learning experience that invites parents, and especially children, to sample cultural riches with an international hue.

Places they have never visited come together so our heroes can combine exciting experiences with learning about foreign cultures and distant lands. The colorful, happy illustrations enrich every adventure as do the links/barcodes that provide a multimedia environment through festive music videos that may be accessed on any smart phone or tablet. These transform the series into an interactive carnival that children and their parents are delighted to enjoy.

Join the Buggees and start your adventure.

The first book "let's go Buggees" tells the story of how the Buggees Bunch came to be. It is at a traditional festival where our heroes– Yogi, Sheen, and Ming – make the daring decision to travel the world.

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The second book – "Journey to China" The adventure has already started ' where is the hot air balloon taking our three little friends? Who will they meet? What will they see?

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Come join Yogi Sheen and Ming on this marvelous adventure, let's go the Buggees are waiting for you!

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